ATİK Vision The Turks in various geographies of the world are best represented in our country. Our people, who are known as the predecessors of the country, take the citizenship of the countries they are present in today and exhibit the most beautiful example of integration in the places they live.
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  • Our ATİK President Aziz ŞAHİN, ATİK Hessen State President Ali ÖZTÜRK, ATİK Mannheim President Mehmet ÖZKAN, ATİK Mannheim Vice President İdiris KARACA, ATİK Mannheim Board Members Ensar KARACA, Ergün BİNCİR, Fatih AKDENİZ held a meeting.

  • Moldovan President Igor Dodon, Gagauzia President İrena Vlach and ATİK President Aziz Şahin together as a selfie .

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ATiK Innovation Workshop
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